Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Recipes For Red Cross

My niece, Missy, at saw the devastation of the Japan earthquake and tsunami. Like all of us, she felt sad. But unlike most of us, she decided to do something about it- to help. She contacted her top 50 favorite bloggers and asked them to each donate a recipe to go in a cookbook. She got a wonderful company to donate the printing and materials, and then each of the bloggers encouraged people to buy these books. They raised a lot of money for the American Red Cross. It is 100% profit. I ordered one. It's full of delicious-sounding recipes. I intend to make a lot of them- and if they're good, I'll post them here. I was surprised (and pleased) to find that the recipe HowDoesShe submitted was my Buttery Caramel Sauce!
Nice work, Missy and friends! You inspire all of us to do something!

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