Friday, April 27, 2012

Garden Vegetable Soup - Literally

I know this doesn't look glorious or amazing, but looks can be deceiving. 
This little jar of veggies is my lifesaver. I love this stuff...and so does my family. Each fall we take the potatoes, carrots and onions from our garden and spend a day cleaning, preparing and canning as much of this veggie soup as we can.

Then I have 3 different soup recipes that my family loves where I use this as the base (No peeling, chopping or dicing. Just open and pour). One of them is: (I just saute everything from the jar and then add 3 or 4 diced medium potatoes when it calls for potatoes). It makes for a simple, quick and NUTRITIOUS meal. The other two I like to use it for are Cheeseburger Soup and our family's traditional Halloween Soup (Hamburger/Veggie soup...a requirement before trick or treating and all those sweets!).
I know winter is over and summer is on it's why a soup recipe? So you can plan ahead as you plant those gardens. Put in plenty of potatoes, carrots and onions. You will be glad you did!

Canned Vegetable Soup

Wash, prepare (we peel carrots and potatoes) and dice/slice the following vegetables and add to a 1 quart Mason jar in the following order and quantities:
1 T Barley
1 Boullion Cube
1 Handful of:
1/2 Handful of Onions
1 t. salt

If there is more room in the jar fill the space with carrots and/or potatoes. Fill to the rim with water.

Pressure can 55 minutes at 13 lbs pressure.
Happy planting!


Kay Hinton said...

You guys are such a great example of provident living. I love that your children are involved from the ground preparation to the bottling . . . to the eating! Great post, Lu!!!

Kay Hinton said...

PS I think it DOES look glorious and amazing!