Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Empty the Fridge Pizza

I am a really good meal planner. It's one of my talents. I plan my meals for the whole month and I cook, cook, cook. Just yesterday my husband opened the fridge, saw all the leftovers and begged, "Please can we have leftovers tomorrow?" But, every once in a while, just every so often, I find myself wondering what we're going to eat for dinner. That happened a few weeks ago. I opened the fridge to see what we had, and 30 minutes later, we had this pizza. I kid you not. It truly was "empty the fridge pizza." I had two cans of crescent rolls that I opened and spread in a sided baking sheet. I had a jar of pesto, which I brushed all over the crust. I had mushrooms, the end of a box of grape tomatoes from costco, some leftover grilled chicken, and some leftover Canadian Bacon from when I made McMuffin Sandwiches. And I had a bag of mozzarella cheese. Oh, and a can of olives. So, I started chopping and spreading and ended up with some delicious pizza in no time flat. I was very proud of myself and felt very "Chopped-ish." Here's the recipe, in case you want to actually plan to make it:

2 cans crescent rolls
Jar of Pesto
Mozzarella Cheese
Meats and Veggies as desired: Mushrooms, Tomatoes (both of these are essential to me for good pizza), Onions (I like to saute the onion with garlic before putting them on- even caramalize them, if I have time), Olives, cooked chiken, bacon, ham, etc. and whatever else you can think of.
Bake at the time and temperature listed on the crescent roll can. Easy, fast, and yummy. Even the leftovers were good.

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