Saturday, August 17, 2013

Barbecued Sea Scallops

When we were on vacation in Vail, Colorado, we got in the elevator with a lady who was headed down to the grill.  She had a plate of sea scallops ready to grill.  I couldn't resist asking her the recipe.  It's very simple.  We came home and tried it the next week.  I think my favorite protein is sea scallops.  I just love their texture and slightly sweet taste.  They are expensive, though.  I bought a bag at Costco and we used about half of the bag for this recipe.
Barbecued Sea Scallops
1 bag sea scallops
Old Bay Seasoning
1 stick Drawn Butter (see how to below)
Fresh lemon or lime juice

Mostly thaw 1/2 bag of scallops.  Rub with Old bay seasoning.  Old bay seasoning is very salty and strong in taste, so don't use too much.  Let scallops finish thawing.  Barbecue on grill.  The scallops are done when the flesh has just begun to turn from translucent to opaque and it flakes easily.  Don't overcook and dry them out.  Put them on a serving platter and cover them with drawn butter* and squeeze fresh lemon or lime on them.  Serve with more of the drawn butter and lemon wedges.

*Drawn Butter
Cut one stick butter into cubes.  Slowly heat in a saucepan until the butter melts and the solids have separated and are coming to the top.  Remove from the heat.  Skim the foam and solids off the top.  You should be left with a clear, golden liquid.  Pour the liquid into a serving cup.  Let cool, then skim any foam that appears.

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