Monday, November 17, 2014

Cinnamon Rolls

This is an easy cinnamon roll recipe.  It makes 1 dozen cinnamon rolls that fill a 13x9 pan.

Cinnamon Rolls
Put in your stand mixer or breadmaker:
1 T. yeast
4 cups bread flour
1 1/2 teaspoons salt
2 Tablespoons butter
1/4 cup honey
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
 2 cups warm water
1/4 cup dry buttermilk powder

Mix all together for several minutes.  Let rise for about an hour.  Mix down and add more flour ( this is inexact, but I usually end up adding 1/2- 1 cup more bread flour) to make a nice dough that you can handle- but it still will be sticky.  Dump onto a floured board or silicone mat.  Spray your hands with cooking spray.  Lightly kneed the dough.  With a floured rolling pin, roll out to about 12 x 12 size.

Spread the dough with about 1/3-1/2  cup very soft butter.  Sprinkle generously with a cinnamon sugar mixture.  I like to use brown sugar (2 parts brown sugar to 1 part cinnamon) You can also add chopped pecans, if desired.  Roll up and put seal the seam and put seam-side down.  Cut with a thread or a pizza cutter into 12 inch-wide pieces.  I cut the roll in half, then in halves again, then cut 3 out of each 1/4 roll.   Put in a well sprayed 13 x 9 pan.  Cover with a cloth and let rise until about double.  Bake at 350 about 20 minutes until lightly browned.
Make a simple frosting with powdered sugar, cream or milk, and vanilla.  Mix well and spread generously over the cinnamon roll while still warm.

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