Thursday, March 6, 2014

Blueberry Bread Pudding with White Chocolate Ganache

I know.  Just reading the title gets your mouth watering. I love bread pudding and this amped- up version is delicious.  If you need a nice dessert for guests- or just your family- this one is rich and yummy.  Make the whole recipe in a 9 x 13 pan or half it and bake in a 9 x9 pan.

Blueberry Bread Pudding with White Chocolate Sauce
3 eggs beaten
4 cups cream (or substitute part or all evaporated milk to lighten it)
2 cups sugar
1 Tablespoon vanilla
2 cups blueberries (can use fresh or frozen)
1 package white baking chips
1 loaf french bread, cut into cubes

Ganache Sauce
1 package white baking chips
1 cup heavy whipping cream

In a large bowl, combine the eggs, cream, sugar, and vanilla.  Stir in the blueberries and one package of white baking chips.  Mix well.  Let sit for at least 15 minutes- longer if possible to let the bread soak up the liquid.  Stir occasionally while it soaks.  Spoon the mixture into a greased  or sprayed 9 x13 pan.  Bake at 350 until browned and center is no longer jiggly.  It will take about 50 to 60 minutes.  Take from oven and let stand while you make the sauce.

Sauce:  Put a package of white baking chips in a bowl.  Heat 1 cup of cream in a small saucepan.  When just barely boiling pour the hot cream over the baking chips.  Let stand a minute, then stir until chips are melted.  Served the warm sauce over the bread pudding.

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