Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thanksgiving Dinner Recipes

Thanksgiving!  It's the best meal of the year!  The turkey is great, but the side dishes and desserts are the stars for me.  Following are some recipes I've posted for great Thanksgiving side dishes and desserts:

A tradition at our house.

Again you'll have to choose which ones to try.  We love both.
Candied Yams 
We've made it this way for years,
 but found this new recipe that is also delicious:

Pecan Pie: 
Choose your version- we like both!

This is a family favorite and always part of our Thanksgiving dinner.
I think we go kind of "pie wild" on Thanksgiving.  We always include my husband's favorite, too.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Joan Morris said...

You are so cute to do this! I wish you'd come cook Thanksgiving dinner for me :)

Pal & Hatty said...

Everything looks delicious - can I come to your house for Thanksgiving?

Shonna said...

I do miss that yummy purple Rotkohl. And candied yams have my vote for favorite. Both dishes used to be made by Grandma and Grandpa Gabe every year. And we can't forget to mention the Dixie Salad they'd bring too that had Grandpa in his swimsuit digging out the pomegranate seeds. ;) Thanksgiving will always remind me of my dear Gabrielsen grandparents!!!