Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Favorite Easy, Quick, Healthy Dinners that Kids Will Eat

I texted all of those beautiful girls you see at the top and asked them which of the recipes on Hungry Hintons they used the most.  They are all BUSY moms and some of their children are pretty picky eaters.  So the criteria is that the recipes need to be easy to make, not take much time, healthy, and that the kids (or at least most of them) will eat it.  Here are the results:
Kristen has four kids ages 2-9.  She is busy!  She said her go-to dinners are:
Guiltless Alfredo over pasta with Whole Wheat Garlic Yogurt Breadsticks

Tandoori Chicken over Rice  - her kids love this stuff, and who wouldn't.  It is so delicious!

Thai  Coconut Curry over Rice- the recipe and pictures show it with shrimp, but it can be made with any protein.  I think she usually uses chicken.
Vegetable Tuscan Orzo- easy and yummy every time!

Shonna- Shonna has three children ages 1 1/2- 5.  They aren't good monitors for what children will eat because her children will eat anything!  They'll at least try anything, and they like most everything.  Hey, the five-year-old was recently begging me for more beet greens with balsamic!  Once when given a milkshake, he took a sip, gave it back and asked if he could have some more beans instead.
But she said her family's favorite is the Guiltless Alfredo over Angel Hair Pasta.

Michelle- Michelle also has three children ages 10 months - 6 years.  Her favorites are:
Bean and Corn Salad:  She hadn't realized the recipe wasn't on here.  Maybe she'll post it?  But here's the link:  http://grandmasrolls.blogspot.com/search?q=bean+and+corn+salad
Taco Pasta Salad ( I know Shonna makes this a lot, too.)

Thai Chicken Noodles
It's been awhile since I had kids at home, but I think the following would be a hit with kids:
Chicken Mozzarella Pasta- serve with garlic bread and a salad or vegetable.  Fast and so yummy.
Kay's Conglomerate Burgers- who doesn't like a good burger?  Keep some frozen beef patties in the freezer and make these on a busy night.
Baked Eggs  - most kids like eggs and they are fast.  Serve with toast and fruit or a smoothie or my favorite, Orange Julius.

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